User Experience & Design

Defining user experience

Whether it's a product or a service, business has to be user-centric which means that everything we do has to be aligned accordingly to our customers' need. Concerning product UX, a customer should naturally feel the flow of the product's use and its functionality. There shouldn't be any errors preventing to achieve the perfect performance of the product. User experience is about creating a moment which people follow with their instincts instead of their mind.

Designing the perfect UX

The process of designing UX starts with the development of the prototype. Once it's ready, usability tests should be conducted at usability labs with real people who would be the potential customers. After the test, it's important to analyze every single error that users have encountered. New changes must be implemented to run further tests. The process should be repeated several times until the product becomes fluent without any errors.

To design the perfect UX, we have to look at the psychological patterns which affect the human mind concerning decision making. You want to make sure to keep your design minimalistic. You have to think like your user and make the design communicable with your user. Another essential aspect in UX is the emotional design which is reflecting user's values, needs, personality, safety and time. And probably the most critical matter in UX is the power of color and shape. Combining all of these factors together makes the product sellable.

The biggest challenge for clients when designing a good UX

Customers don't realize the importance of running tests of their designs. Many of them don't know that UX testing can save millions of dollars in early product development. Companies rush to develop new products quickly due to the market change and competition, but they often lose the race, because quickly developed products are not always usable. Customers should run a lot of usability tests to be able to improve their design before launching products to the market.

Companies always try to make the product look good in terms of modern design. However, only a few of them actually follow the Galitz theory regarding design and context elements regarding UX. Knowing the secrets to human psychological behavior, allows you to design a product in a way which perfectly fits user’s need concerning usage, visuals, and emotions.

It's not about focusing on user experience for functionality and systematics. It's more about capturing the right emotions and feelings which create a lovely experience of using the product.

Did you know that most popular Apple’s iPhone colors are black, grey and gold because these color associated with power, elegance, and formality, and that’s how Apple want their users to feel.

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