Digital Strategy for a B2B World

In the current digital world, businesses need to change the way their processes are carried out. No matter what industry they belong to, to succeed in today's market, the implementation of a digital strategy to optimize productivity becomes necessary. Digitization helps the company to synchronize its staff towards a standard set of goals. Digital strategies are especially important to understand customers better, so the company could improve existing services and implement the right new methods to earn customer loyalty. Most important, to be one step ahead of competitors an excellent digital strategy for a company is necessary, else the company will be left behind.

It all begins with your client

Here is an outline of what you need to do to set up a B2B marketing approach that really works:

- Describe your clients and what they need
- Analyze the competition you are facing
- Recognize your viable strengths
- Set your goals
- Select your channels
- Launch and re-evaluate

Be clear about your client

Before you can begin any planning, you need to have a detailed understanding of your ideal clients by talking to them. When you do, the goal is to get answers to questions like: 

- Why do people purchase my product or service?
- What do they expect from my product or service?
- What do people do if they don’t purchase my product or service?
- What are the specific words people use to define my product or service?
- If they are satisfied with my product/service, what do they say?
- What difficulties do people have purchasing my product or service?
- How do people shop for products/services like mine?
- Which platform do people choose for information on products/services like mine?

Analyze your competition

When checking your competitors, try to analyze the following matters:

- Which type of channels do they trust?

- Which kind of people are they targeting?
- What do they say and how do they express it?
- Which forms of media do they use?
- What things are working for them and which are not?
- Where are most of their traffic coming from?

Recognize your viable strengths and weaknesses

Now, after classifying who your client is and how your competitor is serving and marketing to your client, you should have a pretty good idea of your viable strengths. To simply know your strengths, just answer the question “Why you?”. Often, a few factors directly affect your positioning are:

- Product cost

- Target clients

- Features/benefits

- Ease of use

- Business identity

- Procedures

- Efficiency

Set your goals

Your goals should be intentionally SMART, and they should be measurable so that you know if you are moving on the right track. You should consider things like: 

- The expense of leads and sales
- All your available resources to produce the required content 

- Your drive for brand building and fast wins vs. slow wins

- How your marketing approach aligns with your sales

When setting a goal, you should understand whether it deliberately aligns with your business, and only then get specific about the goal itself. To understand each stage, you need to define a certain business outcome that you’re looking to accomplish:

- Attract: target more people to see your offer 

- Convert: target more people to prompt direct interest in your product
- Close: target more people to purchase your product
- Delight: target more people to make repeat purchases and also to give referrals

Marketing channels making your B2B marketing approach accurate

Your key marketing channels are (and what they bring): 

- Organic search and SEO (visits)

- Search engine marketing (visits, leads, and/or sales)
- Social media (visits)

- Paid social media (visits, leads, and/or sales)

- Email (sales, repeat sales, and/or referrals)

- Content (visits and leads)

- Outbound sales (leads and sales)

Setting up your B2B marketing strategy

Setting up a digital marketing strategy can sometimes be a problem, mainly when creating a business strategy for international marketplaces. Our firm is fully equipped to help you create the perfect B2B marketing plan that will accelerate your business development and help you improve the way you connect with your clients.