After graduation, most students will be looking for a job, and that’s where the first big selling job starts - selling yourself and your abilities to companies to get a job. Sales has been the primary skill for survival since the beginning of the human species. Unfortunately, in the current education system, very little is taught about selling yourself professionally and making deals. The majority of recently graduated students who join companies as business developers and sales specialists barely manage to get any new business. You may expect a company to teach you all that, but in reality, companies need a ready individual and only rarely do they provide teaching assistance.

When it comes to marketing internships, a lot of students expect easy jobs such as managing social media accounts and creating online posts. However, this will not prepare you for your future job position. More importantly, you should ask yourself, do you actually want to manage social media accounts for a living or do you want to build an extraordinary business career with companies depending on your abilities? If the only thing you care about is your career and success - you are in the right place. At Stankevicius, the answer to all the hard questions is simply sales. The ability to sell your ideas, your opinions, your work, and most importantly, yourself is the key to success in any industry.

What is the New Client Developer Internship?

This internship is designed to develop personal sales skills which could be easily applied to any product or service. Since our company is in PR and advertising business, you will be selling media services to companies around the world. Your tasks will include locating and contacting international companies, explaining to potential clients about the need and use of advertising and do your absolute best to close deals with international clients. After-sale service tasks will consist of client management including supervising the client's content and creative submissions and developing further business relations with the client.

Who is Eligible for the Internship?

Individuals who are eligible to apply for the internship position are students who are studying marketing, advertising, public relations, communications or business development. Passion for work and an intense enthusiasm and excitement is the main factor we look for in an individual. Students must have an interest in the advertising industry, a strong passion for career development, and the motivation for selling and personal growth.

What are the Benefits?

You will be able to obtain a considerable bonus by closing a contract with a client. We also provide traveling opportunities for international conferences and client meetings. Most importantly, we offer real-life business experience dealing with international companies.

Our Commitment To Students

Our commitment is to train students to become professional business developers by providing a real business environment and responsibilities. Students will get experience in the field of business from day one. Our mission is to make students succeed measurably by working on actual issues which are not just alternative assignments but primary business matters for our company. We believe that students can learn best while working on real and exciting cases.

Training Materials

All materials for the training will be provided by our company.

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