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Discover the latest activity of Stankevicius company. Note that this press section covers all of the company's news including Stankevicius PR, advertising and consulting.

Oct, 26. 2022: Stankevicius Announces 2022 Investment Congress Finale in Paris by Stukkert&Co and Remarks Upcoming 2023 Roadmap Read on Yahoo Finance
Stukkert&Co, in partnership with Stankevicius MGM, has been organizing an exclusive invite-only Investment Congress as a business event in Europe since 2017. The Investment Congress is primarily focused on real estate and private equity investment sectors, bringing key industry figures into an exclusive atmosphere at iconic locations and places for business development.

May, 11. 2022: Stankevicius将为加密原生玩家发布社交媒体元宇宙 Read on Daily Economic China
Stankevicius 如何看待元宇宙? 元宇宙是一个 3D 的在线数字世界,就像任何 MMORPG 游戏一样。除了这一次,它对我们的现实生活更具互动性和影响力。 Stankevicius 认为可以有许多不同的元宇宙,并且不一定需要 VR 或 AR 世界。需要注意的是,如今的商业市场上没有多少功能完备的 VR 和 AR 解决方案 ..

Apr, 6. 2022: Stankevicius Will Release Social Media Metaverse for Crypto Natives in Summer 2022 Read on Nasdaq
Stankevicius' focus is to build the next generation social media world designed and developed for crypto and digital natives enabling 3D interactions between users and creating new ways of content sharing and exchanging.

Mar, 23. 2022: Thinking of launching NFT project successfully? Read on Stankevicius Medium
We have worked with close to 600 crypto companies now, since the start of ICOs, and one thing which we see in common between success and failure is lack of strategic commercial approach development to public markets.

Jan, 28. 2022: Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking. What is SAIB? SAIB explained Read on Bloomberg
Stankevicius Group Introduces SAIB: Stankevicius Alternative Investment Banking.

Jan, 23. 2022: Podcast interview with Paulius Stankevicius on going public in crypto Listen on Irish Tech News
Building the next generation alternative investment banking. Interview with Paulius Stankevicius.

Sep, 28. 2021: Stankevicius has a goal to complete $1 billion USD capital raising for clients Read on Econo Times
Stankevicius firm has a new goal to raise a total of $1 billion in capital funding for clients by Q4 2022.

Sep, 26. 2021: Paulius Stankevicius advances Stankevicius MGM into investor relations consulting Read on FOX Interviewer
Paulius Stankevicius has re-modelled the company’s structure into a public relations and investor relations consulting firm, aiming to help clients to raise capital for their projects and companies.

Jun, 14. 2021: Stankevicius Pacific Limited is now the main marketing company of Stankevicius MGM Read on MarketWatch
Stankevicius MGM moved headquarters to Hong Kong and replaced Stankevicius Middle East Limited with Stankevicius Pacific Limited as the primary and main marketing company of Stankevicius MGM.

May, 19. 2021: Stankevicius MGM creates a new Google Index Marketing (GIM) concept Read on MarketWatch
Stankevicius Pacific Limited, Stankevicius MGM Asian division from Hong Kong, created a new marketing concept which simplifies the way marketing is seen today.

Dec, 28. 2020: Stankevicius MGM 2020: the Turn of Strategic PR and IR to Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries Read on Yahoo News
In 2020 Stankevicius MGM turned its mission to medical industry promotion and crisis management communication.

Dec, 27. 2020: Stankevicius on Public Relations and Investor Relations Read on Seekers Time
Rather than being two different concepts, public relations and investor relations can be identified as concepts that go hand in hand.

Oct, 22. 2020: Paulius Stankevicius Announces To List One of The Companies Public Read on Forbes
CEO Paulius Stankevicius says that few more companies may add up to Stankevicius Group portfolio in 2021, of which one or two are possibly aiming for public listing by Q3 2021.

Sep, 17. 2020: Interview with Paulius Stankevicius on Advertising and Public Relations Read on Forbes
In this interview Paulius Stankevicius shares professional insights on advertising and public relations.

June, 17, 2020: Stankevicius Partners with Trescon as Media Partner for World Blockchain Summit, Asia 2020 Read on One World Herald
Stankevicius has been Trescon’s media partner for World Blockchain Summits since 2018 and this year Stankevicius joins Trescon again for World Blockchain Summit, Asia 2020 Virtual Connect.

May, 13, 2020: Stankevicius MGM: Get Up On Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Nikkei Read on Seekers Time
Stankevicius MGM now offers exclusive publishing on Dow Jones Marketwatch allowing clients to publish over 500 press releases monthly, exclusively on Dow Jones Marketwatch.

May, 10, 2020: Stankevicius MGM: Utilizing PR and Advertising in Bearish Markets Read on London Post
PR is most likely the number one element every company should consider when dealing in crisis markets. Regardless of the company’s situation, PR can make things look better with less panic, giving more safety aspects to customers and investors.

May, 9, 2020: Interview with Marketing Expert Paulius Stankevicius Read on VENTS Magazine
Regardless how low markets fall, a brand should always stay strong and positive and this is mainly done through the public relations department which manages all the media relations.

Apr, 29, 2020: Stankevicius MGM首席执行官Paulius Stankevicius接受专访 Read on Sino Manager
在这次采访中,Paulius Stankevicius将会给您一些在熊市中如何打造企业品牌的建议,以及其他有趣的营销见解。

Apr, 26, 2020: 选择Stankevicius MGM推广您的业务 Read on Sino Manager
Stankevicius MGM已经在国际市场上服务于300多个客户,并帮助他们的品牌与当地和全球的客户建立了牢固的联系。Stankevicius MGM将帮助您的业务发展到新的高度。

Apr, 18, 2020: Stankevicius MGM将您的信息传递给全世界 Read on
Stankevicius互动媒体平台为直接和精选媒体发布提供了400多种全球媒体选项。 客户可以自主选择媒体,然后提交想要呈现给公众的文本.

Mar, 12, 2020: Stankevicius Awarded For Developing Media Industry in Europe Read on America Daily Post
Firm's CEO, Paulius Stankevicius, awarded at Berlin investment congress for developing media industry in Europe.

Feb, 3, 2020: Stankevicius MGM Now Provides Financial Newswire Services Read on Financial Capital
Publishing services with guaranteed inclusion into top media sites including Yahoo Finance, USA Today, MarketWatch, London Stock Exchange, Financial Times, The Economic Times, Times of India, Bloomberg and Nasdaq.

Jan, 25, 2020: Exclusive with Stankevicius MGM CEO about Global Media Read on TheStreet
Paul has worked with startups, private companies, large private enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, even politicians, nonprofits and blockchain companies. If there is anything to know about media relations, Paul is the man to tell it.

Dec, 23, 2019: Stankevicius: Leading Editorial Content Publishing Media Company Read on MarketWatch
In 2019, Stankevicius firm helped over 50 international clients to gain global awareness through media and advertising. (Re-published on 28.4.2020)

Dec, 16, 2019: Stankevicius Interactive Media Beta Is Now Live and Running Read on The Morning Herald
Stankevicius MGM has finally released Stankevicius Interactive Media platform. The beta version includes over 400 global media options.

Nov, 25, 2019: Stankevicius Interactive Media To Launch This December Read on The Morning Herald
Stankevicius Interactive Media provides editorial coverage to every industry and every company.

Nov, 12, 2019: Stankevicius MGM Launches Global+ Branding Plan Read on The American Reporter
Innovating branding industry by making companies known worldwide in as short period of time as 3 months.

Nov, 7, 2019: In 2020 Speedy Service Delivery Is A Must Read on Forbes
Expectations around customer experience are most likely to rise. Written by firm's CEO, Paulius Stankevicius.

Oct, 27, 2019: How Media Is Your Key To Going Global Read on Forbes
Reaching out to audiences through media has never been as important as it is now. Written by firm's CEO, Paulius Stankevicius.

Sep, 28, 2019: 颠覆公关科技行业的交互媒体- 评价Stankevicius公司 Read on

Sep, 28, 2019: Interactive Media to Disrupt PR Tech Industry Read on New York Headlines
Regular press releases do not provide unique advantages for companies and keep limited reach towards premiere media.

Sep, 23, 2019: Get Published in the News Through Stankevicius Interactive Media Read on Newark Now
Getting back to the traditional news and putting company name in the newspaper or magazine is what makes a difference.

Sep, 22, 2019: Stankevicius MGM Aims to Disrupt the PR Industry Read on Techozen
Some companies tend to release some content management tools calling themselves as PR tech companies but that is far from reality and what true PR innovation is about.

Sep, 11, 2019: Interactive Media Platform for Getting Media Access Read on News Credit
Stankevicius Interactive Media platform covers media from the US to Europe to the Middle East to Asia Pacific and the African region.

Sep, 3, 2019: Global Media Management via Stankevicius Interactive Media Read on Seekers Time
Stankevicius MGM aims to innovate PR industry with technology solution by connecting media and companies under a single platform.

Aug, 30, 2019: Stankevicius: خدمات الوساطة التفاعلية للوسائط ووسائل الاعلام Read on Simpson Posters
وسائل الوسائط التفاعلية هي تطور في صناعة العلاقات العامة عبر الإنترنت و التي تقدمها شركة Stankevicius MGM.

Aug, 30, 2019: Stankevicius MGM: Interactive Media Brokers Read on Asian Coverage
Getting media coverage globally should be the main objective of any private company.

Aug, 26, 2019: 通过Stankevicius交互媒体平台触达全球媒体 Read on CIO Times
Stankevicius 交互媒体平台使得企业能够直接从媒体那里购买社媒文章.

Aug, 23, 2019: ادعم اعمالك و شركتك لتصل الى الوسائط الاكثر شهرة في العالعبر Read on Gulf365
ادعم اعمالك و شركتك لتصل الى الوسائط الاكثر شهرة في العالم عبر Stankevicius Interactive Media platform.

Aug, 22, 2019: Access the global media via Stankevicius Interactive Media Read on Tribune Byte
Stankevicius Interactive Media platform enables companies to purchase media articles directly from the media itself.

Aug, 20, 2019: Stankevicius交互媒体平台是全球业务的一大优势 Read on iFeng

Aug, 18, 2019: Stankevicius Interactive Media is an Advantage to Global Business Read on Big Time Daily
Stankevicius Interactive Media platform enables customers to interact with media digitally online at their own convenience.

Aug, 14, 2019: 则通过技术手段来专注降低媒体成本以使得企业能够进行在线发布 Read on China Weekly

Aug, 14, 2019: Stankevicius MGM正在推出一个革命性的媒体平台, 用以发布在线文章 Read on
Stankevicius MGM公司正在发布一个名为Stankevicius交互媒体的在线媒体发布的新市场。

Aug, 12, 2019: PR and Marketing via Stankevicius Interactive Media Read on London Daily Post
Stankevicius Interactive Media for traditional companies and blockchain firms.

Aug, 10, 2019: Stankevicius MGM is Launching a New Media Platform Read on The American Reporter
Stankevicius MGM is launching a revolutionary media platform to publish online articles.

Jul, 14, 2019: When PR Matters The Most: Building Trust Through Philanthropy Read on Forbes
Building trust through philanthropy. Article written by firm's CEO, Paulius Stankevicius.

Jun, 23, 2019: When PR Matters The Most: Mergers And Acquisitions Read on Forbes
PR and M&A article written by firm's CEO, Paulius Stankevicius.

Jun, 15, 2019: What Really Happened to Our Acquisition Attempt Read on Cointelegraph
Cointelegraph coverage about our acquisition attempt of CCN media.

Jun, 11, 2019: Turkey Reported Our Interest in an Acquisition Read on Investing
Stankevicius MGM acquisition interest coverage in CCN media.

May, 31, 2019: Major Global Banks Leading “The Year of Blockchains” Read on Hackernoon
A year of Blockchains. Report article by Stankevicius.

May, 19, 2019: Stankevicius太平洋有限公司专为西方公司提供进驻中国市场的服务 Read on Sohu
Stankevicius Pacific Limited to provide services for Western companies to enter the Chinese market.

Apr, 16, 2019: Stankevicius to Provide IEO Agreements Read on Financial Times
Stankevicius to provide fast access to IEO funding to crypto and traditional companies.

Mar, 14, 2019: How To Take Your Business Public With PR And Advertising Read on Forbes
Written by firm's CEO, Paulius Stankevicius.

Feb, 15, 2019: Stankevicius Appoints a New CMO for Chinese Market Read on China News
Stankevicius appoints Kay Zhang as a new CMO for Chinese market who will represent Stankevicius in China.

Feb, 14, 2019: Stankevicius Media X International Real Estate and Investment Congress Read on ABC
Stankevicius giving out New York Journal awards at International Real Estate and Investment Congress in Berlin.

Feb, 5, 2019: Stankevicius Ad Awards 2019 Read on Early Morning Hearld
Presenting and selecting the most creative, luxurious, innovating and inspiring ads.

Dec, 27, 2018: A Look At The Crypto Market, Encryp Tech & Stankevicius Index Read on Forbes (pdf)
Exclusive Forbes interview with firm's CEO, Paulius Stankevicius.

Dec, 13, 2018: How To Build A Campaign By Merging PR And Advertising Read on Forbes
Written by firm's CEO, Paulius Stankevicius.

Dec, 12, 2018: Stankevicius Helped Clients to Raise $500M in 2018 Read on London Stock Exchange
Stankevicius reports having helped clients to raise half a billion dollars in 2018.

Nov, 25, 2018: Stankevicius Listed on Bloomberg Read on Bloomberg
Stankevicius company profile is now listed on Bloomberg.

Nov, 8, 2018: Stankevicius Partners with Fiat Capital Read on ABC FOX Montana
Stankevicius partners with Chinese Fiat Capital to empower blockchain companies through media.

Oct, 29, 2018: Stankevicius: Industry Research Report Results Read on Financial Times
Stankevicius reports about the most common difficulties in advertising industry.

Oct, 23, 2018: Stankevicius Partners with Trescon Read on Abu Dhabi News
Stankevicius partners with the creator of World Blockchain Summits.

Sep, 28, 2018: Stankevicius About The Real Public Relations Read on CW San Diego
Stankevicius shares insights about public relations.

Sep, 17, 2018: Stankevicius Joins Moscow's Blockchain Summit Read on Daily Times Leader
Stankevicius is now an official media partner of Moscow’s international blockchain summit.

Aug, 17, 2018: Stankevicius Now Offers Airport Advertising Services Read on The London News Journal
Stankevicius is now offering to clients exclusive ad placements in world's most busiest airports.

Aug, 17, 2018: Stankevicius Launches Television Advertising Read on The New York Journal
Stankevicius is now offering to clients exclusive television commercial placements in the top TV channels.

Aug, 17, 2018: Stankevicius Premiers Skyscraper Advertising Services Read on Switzerland Posts
Stankevicius is now offering to clients exclusive LED screen advertising on skyscrapers.

Aug, 14, 2018: Stankevicius Moves HQ from Helsinki to Dubai Read on Dubai Forum
Stankevicius is now incorporated in UAE.

Aug, 8, 2018: Stankevicius Joins Futurama Summit as Media Partner Read on MONEY IN CRYPTO
Exclusive insights about Futurama Blockchain Summit in Ibiza.

Jul, 3, 2018: Stankevicius Joins as Media Partner for Munich Conference Read on Yahoo Finance
Exclusive insights about IT and investment congress in Munich.

Jun, 30, 2018: Stankevicius on FIFA World Cup Economics and PR Influence Read on Digital Journal
Business insights by Stankevicius firm.

Jun, 25, 2018: Corporate B2B Advertising Read on Forbes
Written by firm's CEO, Paulius Stankevicius.

May, 17, 2018: About User Experience Read on Forbes
Written by firm's CEO, Paulius Stankevicius.

May, 4, 2018: Largest Article Publisher for ICOs on Entrepreneur Magazine Read on Coinspeaker
Stankevicius company obtains a title - largest ICO publisher on Entrepreneur magazine.

Apr, 22, 2018: Traditional Banks and Digital Benchmarketing Read on Forbes
Written by firm's CEO, Paulius Stankevicius.

Mar, 29, 2018: Stankevicius Suspends Cryptocurrency Trading Read on The Washington Journal
Stankevicius company has suspended crypto trading activities.

Feb, 27, 2018: Factors to Shape Cryptocurrencies Read on Forbes
Written by firm's CEO, Paulius Stankevicius.

Feb, 12, 2018: Predictions for Oil Markets in 2018 Read on Forbes
Written by firm's CEO, Paulius Stankevicius.

Feb, 2, 2018: Advice on Where to Invest Read on Entrepreneur
Exclusive interview with Stankevicius and Uber's investor.

Jan, 4, 2018: Stankevicius Starts Hedging Read on The Washington Journal
Stankevicius is starting cryptocurrency investments.

Oct, 16, 2017: Now Listed on Inc. Read on Inc.
Stankevicius is now listed on Inc.

Sep, 24, 2017: Stankevicius Tells about Business and Career Development Read on Huffington Post
Exclusive interview with firm's CEO, Paulius Stankevicius.

Aug, 29, 2017: Stankevicius Tells About Gold Read on World News
Exclusive insights about gold business.

Aug, 29, 2017: Gold Business Behinds the Scenes Read on Forbes
Written by firm's CEO, Paulius Stankevicius.

Aug, 29, 2017: What You Need to Know About Regional Crypto Money Read on Entrepreneur
Written and published by Stankevicius.

Aug, 27, 2017: Stankevicius Forms a New Group Read on World News
Stankevicius forms a group with Norwegian company.

Jul, 31, 2017: Ditching Corporate Grind Read on Entrepreneur
Exclusive interview with Stankevicius and Ex-Goldman Sachs.

Jun, 24, 2017: Miracle of African Gold (Italian) Read on Business Insider
Stankevicius targets Africa for trade business.

Aug, 17, 2016: Benefits Being an Entrepreneur (Italian) Read on Startup Italia
Tips by firm's founder and CEO, Paulius Stankevicius.