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Press releases and article publications for digital branding


When we talk about brand awareness, we are not just limiting it to advertisements. Yes, advertising on credible platforms, television, magazines, and billboards can be very effective. Yet there is still another method of communicating with your audience that can give a company the exposure and credibility it desires, without spending much - online publications such as a press release.

A press release is a structured and organized news piece generated by a company and released to the public to give them more informed and detailed information concerning a recent event, update or announcement. A press release is made by the company and not journalists. It is a method used to create a positive impact on the company.


Instant exposure
Despite your small scale of operation or limited resources, you can still create a massive brand awareness without spending too much. A good press release can rapidly expose your service to a broad audience.

Keep your audience informed
A press release is an easiest and cheapest way to keep your audience informed on the progress being made by your company. You can quickly notify your audience of the latest changes, and the reason for the changes.

Increased sales potential
A good press release can help your company gain exposure and credibility. That’s not all; it can also increase your conversion rate, which means more sales. When a press release highlights the benefit of your products, it makes the public more interested in obtaining the product.

Investors keep up with the news too
A press release has a fantastic way of reaching the eyes of potential investors. Investors keep up with the news to know where to invest next, and a good press release can attract them to your way.

Get a boost in SEO
When you publish a press release on your company website and the media, Google automatically shows it up in the search. This means anyone searching for similar keywords to your press release will find you.