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PR influence on private money: VCs and angels


Start-ups and large enterprises always want to have investors flocking in. Unfortunately, most of these companies never reach that point. Although, some have learned that one of the primary reasons for failure was their negligence on PR. Most companies are not investing enough in this critical factor of success.

Investing in PR can make your business reach its maximum potential; sealing deals with angel investors and pushing your company to new heights.

PR builds credibility which is the first thing every investor looks at; nobody wants to invest in a company that has no potential for bringing in profit. PR is the perfect solution to build your credibility. When you get featured in the press or appear in an analyst’s report, there is a high chance of being spotted by investors.


Showing off company's values in the news
A company should embrace their values, mission, and vision and share them with the public. Nobody will purchase a product or a service that doesn’t provide value. PR can push business offerings to the local and international news. Well prepared and strategized techniques of value proposition can easily catch investors' eyes in the press.

Define your narrative in the eyes of the public
Be clear about your purpose and how it could be of value to customers. A mission statement to the public can give you a head start in acquiring new customers faster.

Know who your investors trust
Identify the kind of investors you need for your company. Find their trusted information sources, and ensure you get featured in an article or press release there.

Build relationships early
Build a good relationship with the media and influencers as fast as possible, and always ensure you keep in touch with them regularly. Make them know more about you before asking them to cover your business in the paper. This way you build more trust between your company and the media. You want to make sure you are friends with the media not just because of publishing your company name but for sharing useful information to their readership.

Establish a base of content
You should try building a blog or a LinkedIn page. Optimize your website to rank well on Google so that you can be easily seen.