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Exclusive with Giorgia Pivetti


Stankevicius interviews marketing experts from various industries to get a unique perspective and in-depth professional insights about the ever-changing marketing industry including important roles of advertising and public relations.

We had a brief opportunity to do an interview with Giorgia Pivetti who is a marketing manager at Versace Watches. Discover her marketing insights in this interview.

You have been doing marketing for luxury accessories for over ten years now. As you are currently working in Timex Group, could you tell a little bit more about the company and your role in it?

The company has a profound heritage in watches for over 165 years and is based in the USA. The business unit I’m working for is the one that has been named luxury division and has different licensees such as Versace Salvatore Ferragamo Versus and other new upcoming brands which are all Swiss made.

My role oversees all marketing activities from product development, design briefings and trends scouting to visual merchandising and advertising campaign creations in coop with Versace. Most importantly I manage the relationship with Versace Maison for getting approvals on every project we work with and making sure there’s a constant alignment between the watches and Versace.

When it comes to jewelry marketing, it brings the ad pictures to mind from various fashion magazines. Could you share some insights of what jewelry marketing is about?

Marketing is simply marketing - nothing different really from any other industry. It’s a matter of interpreting the brand and translating what the brand stands for to its consumers as simply as possible, and definitely interactively. Regarding high-end product categories such as jewelry and watches, storytelling is the key to success.

What main marketing channels do you use for promoting Versace accessories?

We use trade tools and outdoor activities, especially focusing on Middle East countries, and of course social media. For us, the print ad is not the main focus right now, as it is too static, less interactive and more expensive, so basically, there’s no point to invest in this type of ad channel as for us interactiveness is very important.

What is the biggest challenge in the marketing industry that you have experienced throughout your career?

Relaunching a brand can be very challenging, but as a brand person myself, I first have to get a complete insight about the brand and only then I can get a better idea how to move forward.

As the marketing industry is continually evolving with new ways of reaching out to people, what innovations would you expect in the future which could ease your marketing work?

I think the most crucial part of shopping is the experience. I think everything has to be linked to the story first, and this has to be applied both online and offline.