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Endorsements through Influencer Marketing


The Changing Dynamics
The digital landscape is changing the dynamics of marketing on a larger scale. A lot has changed with the technological revolution, where, now the reach to customers is way different than it once was, the way your customers access information and how they make decisions is not the same as it used to be. The businesses now have varied options in endorsing their products not only through traditional media but through the likes of digital media as well.

Influencer Marketing
A very effective and somewhat new form of marketing, known as influencer marketing is a type of digital marketing in which the focus is more on the influential people, who have enormous online reach, rather than the target audience themselves. It’s more of a celebrity endorsement, those known by masses at large, having wide follower-ship and acting as potential buyers themselves or as value added influencers such as journalists or professional advisers, etc. Such marketing is done via various social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook, and is highly effective of its kind.

Highly viable
Considered as a highly viable tactic, many companies today are engaging in this form of campaign for driving traffic, increased sales and boosted results. The influencers deemed experts in their fields, influence people that might come under companies’ “target audience category,” which can thus help market the product and services through their means.

It is considered more authentic compared to the traditional media celebrity endorsement for the fact that it comes from a more holistic and trusted source rather than from a merely signed contract between the brand and influential person/ celebrity.

An influencer can be a well-known celebrity with a broad fan base on Snapchat or a famous blogger who tweets or even a fashion designer with a massive fan following on Instagram. Within every industry, there are influential people you have to find them, who can be easily recognized through their millions of followers that can also be your potential target audience.

It is pertinent to mention here that fake followers are also part of the game. So it must be checked well before appointing any influencer if he has authentic followers or not.

Influencer marketing is rapidly gaining pace, and it’s soon to bloom and blossom. According to a study conducted in 2015, “84 percent of marketers said they would launch at least one influencer campaign in the following year.”