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Airports for a massive audience


Have you ever imagined using airports as a medium for advertising before? If yes, then you are on point. Advertising through airports is by far one of the most luxurious advertising methods. This method is most suited for travel companies, and companies selling regular consumer products like cosmetics, alcohol, and perfume.

Airport passengers are one of the most exciting audience to go after because of the huge variety of people, and the best part of it is that they are ready to spend. Even though airports might seem a bit messy to reach your wanted audience, airports have a special way of targeting including departure and arrival halls, economy and business classes, lounges, restaurants, shops, even the digital screens near the gates which run ads depending on the destination and its departure time. For instance, you can run New York financial service ads for business class passengers next to the departure gate to New York at a precise time.


Potential to attract new business
Airports are filled with high-net-worth individuals constantly traveling from one business trip to another. They are majorly focused on promising businesses, and they are always searching for a new international business that will catch their attention, and as such, they are always ready to see an exciting advert falling in line with their expectations.

Potential to attract customers
Millions of passengers have hours of free time in airports before their flight takes off. During this time, they usually walk around, do shopping and enjoy the airport experience. Consider that during this time your brand can be recognized by millions of people quickly.

Reach a large audience
The number of people traveling by air is continuously increasing. It is an advantage as more people can become aware of your brand.