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Professional Research for Penetrating Chinese market


The Chinese market, the most lucrative of its kind in the world, is a hub of businesses with more than 350 million potential customers; making it an economic giant in global business. Penetrating such a vast market requires proper research and in-depth analysis. It requires an understanding of the industry market conditions, evaluation of local demands and competition, as well as risks and opportunities associated with them. Most importantly brands have to focus their efforts on building a strong digital presence and adopt various strategies thereafter to maintain the appearance.

Important key points when entering the Chinese market:

Know your audience
Research local audience’s cultural background, their preferences, and user behavior. This will help you in understanding the market trends and the locals’ inclination towards specific fashion sense and taste.

Create a localized website
Localize company’s website, content, name, logo, printed and digital materials to deliver your business message accurately. Online presence is the foremost requirement of competing in today’s fierce marketing world. Create a Chinese website, and not just create but localize it as well. It’s essential to produce accurate, culturally appropriate, search engine optimized content for a website so, that the locals would better understand and relate to the products and services being offered.

Go Online
With over half of the country’s population using the internet, it’s crucial to build-up online presence to communicate, get feedback and send your message to the target audience. With more than 850 million internet users, China is the world’s largest online community. In China, the majority of businesses use social media as a means of communicating with their customers. Going online means better and personalized communication, as well as getting quick feedback by sending direct messages to the target audiences. Additionally, focus on using Chinese localized platforms, for instance, use WeChat instead of Facebook and Whatsapp, Weibo instead of Twitter, Baidu instead of Google, and Youku instead of Youtube. These platforms are highly effective in reaching large and active Chinese audiences.

Combine several channels
While one channel by itself can be efficient, try to connect multiple channels at the same time to ensure boosted exposure and higher efficiency. For instance, try conducting conferences and exhibitions, sending out emails, creating a Chinese version of the website, participating in blogging and social networking sites, as well as other online communities since 92% of internet users use some form of social media.

The Chinese market is unique and thus demands unique strategies for entering it. Therefore the companies that want to penetrate the Chinese market need to adopt the strategy mentioned above to be successful.