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Branding, PR, and Advertising


Creative branding, proper PR and accurate advertising can take the new entering businesses to the new highs in the dynamic market of China. It is all about how you portray your image that can do wonders for your company in a short period. Consider that company's "image" or "face," in terms of how the company presents itself online and offline is a critical element in China which is highly valued and looked at.

CThe Chinese advertising market is always evolving due to fierce competition and customers’ interactive involvement. While traditional print, TV and broadcast media is still active in China, the digital online media, on the other hand, hold the keys to mass consumer audience who are ready to purchase. According to statistics, the usage of digital media is 16 hours per day compared to the television which is watched for only 3.3 hours per day on average.

Branding your business in China as a newcomer is crucial and must. A good branding strategy can establish a prestigious image of your brand, and a wrongly adopted branding strategy can shatter the image altogether. Branding strategy includes all the essentials from name to trademark, logo, communication strategy and style. It is recommended that the branding is done via higher end channels such as skyscraper LED screens, billboards, digital screens on the street, trains, and airports as Chinese consumers prefer well-branded product and service providers.

PR via the most prominent Chinese media
Public relations play an even more vital role in building the image of a brand. As of 2015, China had 3000 TV station, 9000 magazines, 2,200 newspapers, and some 2,000 radio station. And not just these but online publications as well including the largest among which are Sina, Sohu, 163, QQ News, Reningwang, Xinhua, and Fenghuang. These online media platforms provide excellent access to gaining attention. Publishing articles digitally and through traditional media can help spread the word across online and offline channels quickly. But bear in mind that you should have native content writers for your PR efforts as they will likely have the understanding of Chinese narrative and will precisely know the type of content that will best resonate with the target audience. Opt for conferences, articles, press releases, and social media channels.

Advertising via biggest Chinese online and offline platforms
When entering in China, foreign businesses experience a strong downside competition due to the strong presence of local giants. However, challenging local leaders must be done quickly and efficiently. Doing a branding campaign is very important, and the budget is required to make at least the minimum impact. Running ads through LED screens displayed in public places, public transport, print and electronic media as well as digital media and other various Chinese online and offline platforms should be included in the marketing strategy from the very beginning.